Council tenants: advice and guidance



Find out how you can apply for a transfer to a different property. 
If you are not happy with the services provided, please use our online complaint form or send us a complaint letter. 
Report litter, grounds keeping and lift issues on your estate. 
Somone who can support you with housing information in your area. 
Protect yourself against the financial loss of fire, theft or flood. 
New parking restrictions to make sure emergency vehicles can always get access to our estates.
A mutual exchange is the swapping of accommodation between two or more council tenants. 
Pay your rent quickly and simply online.
Advice about benefits, dealing with rent arrears and financial support. 
Apply for a garage space in Waltham Forest. 
Discounted homes for council tenants
How to take over a tenancy if someone dies.
Learn about the different types of tenancy.
See your housing portal through my account