Council tenants

Information for the 10,000+ Waltham Forest council tenants. Paying your rent, property repairs, and more.

Housing benefit

All about Housing Benefit and other help you can get paying your rent.

Find a home

Council housing, temporary accommodation, and affordable homes to rent and buy in the borough.

Building safety

We are delivering £40 million investment in housing building safety improvements.

Council housing regeneration

See our plans for council housing regeneration along with Sixty Bricks, the property developer owned by Waltham Forest.

Energy efficiency

What we're doing about the energy efficiency of our housing stock and how to save money on your energy bills.

Housing: get involved

There are a variety of ways you can keep up to date with and influence housing in the borough.

Rent a garage

If you need somewhere to park your car, or need some storage space, renting a garage in Waltham Forest could be your solution.