The Council wants to ensure that its approach to house building is evidence-based and brings benefits to all residents, from those who move into the new schemes to the already-existing communities, and the wider population who live and work in the borough.

To do this, the Council wants independent experts to look at evidence on how the organisation is currently building and providing affordable homes, and to make recommendations on how it can maximise the delivery of genuinely affordable housing in the future.

We are bringing together an Advisory Group of experts, providing strong academic, policy and sector-based expertise.

The work of the Commission has resulted in a final report, including 27 recommendations for the Council to consider.

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Commission members

Geeta Nanda OBE has been appointed as the Convenor to oversee the process. She is CEO of Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing, Chair of the G15 group of London’s largest housing associations and a Board member of the National Housing Federation.

Seven additional members will make up the Advisory Group:

  • Fred Angole (Deputy Chief Executive of YMCA St Paul’s Group, and Board Member for Notting Hill Genesis and Newlon Housing Trust)
  • Nick Bowes (Chief Executive of Centre for London)
  • Nicola Mathers (Chief Executive of Future of London)
  • Professor Janice Morphet (Visiting Professor at UCL)
  • Rob Perrins (CEO of the Berkeley Group and trustee of Crisis)
  • Gavin Smart (Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing)
  • Melissa Tettey (Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Waltham Forest)

Commission process

The Commission will meet four times between January and April.

They will consider independent evidence and bring additional insights to generate realistic and practical recommendations. The recommendations will help the Council to find ways to maximise the delivery of genuinely affordable housing so that our housing approach meets our ambitions for our residents and communities now and in the future.

After each session, the agenda, minutes and relevant papers will be published on this webpage.

At the end of the process, the final report and findings of the Commission will also be published.

The Commission will meet for their first session on Wednesday 25 January 2023.