@leon_woodley @CllrCoghill @MallWalthamstow Yes Walthamstow market will be open as usual
This weekend, the ASB team and police were busy patrolling numerous locations around Waltham Forest, making late ni… t.co/2UJpIYuMEX
🗣️Greenleaf & Hoe Street residents! Public consultation TONIGHT at the William Morris Community Centre (6pm to 8pm)… t.co/M8au3Z6Pdo
The Leader of the Council Clare Coghill has made the following statement following this morning's fire at the Mall,… t.co/2cIG3TQUoJ
There are many different types of Human Papillomavirus (#HPV) & some can lead to cancer BUT #HPVVaccine can prevent… t.co/zcMX7UmQJv
Today we launched a public consultation on Shaping the Borough: Draft Local Plan 2020 – 2035. Look out for the meet… t.co/Nbn6jMwQ0y
🎉CHINGFEST ANNOUNCEMENT🎉 Delighted to announce that @thisNAO will headline #Chingfest this summer Joining a stell… t.co/F6GjoAWgwJ