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How your housing officer can help

If you need council housing information, advice and guidance, you can speak to your local housing officer.

They can answer your questions about community matters, services, your rights as a tenant/ landlord and how to live independently.

Contacting your housing officer

Housing officers cover specific areas, so where you live determines who your officer is. 

North Waltham Forest and Epping

Areas covered:

  • Hale End
  • Higham Hill
  • William Morris
  • Chapel End
  • Valley
  • Endlebury
  • Larkswood
  • Chingford Green
  • Epping

The team is managed by Sharon Allen Cabey, Housing Services Manager.

The neighbourhood coordinator is Karyn Codrington.

South Waltham Forest, Billericay and Wickford

Areas covered:

  • Cann Hall
  • Leytonstone
  • Forest
  • Lea Bridge
  • Markhouse
  • Cathall
  • Billericay and Wickford (outside the borough)

Your housing officers

Phone 020 8496 3000 and ask for your housing officer