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Last updated: 5 August 2022

Next review: 3 February 2023

How your housing officer can help

Your council home is looked after by both the Tenancy and Place Management teams and depending on your request your first point of contact will either be your Tenancy Officer or Place Officer. 

Officers can assist you with council housing information, advice and guidance, community matters, your rights as a tenant/ landlord and how to live independently. Please see their responsibilities listed below and how they can help you.

Tenancy officer

Your Tenancy officer is responsible for:

  • Conducting viewings and signing up new tenants
  • Carrying out settling in visits for new tenants
  • Processing tenancy changes including successions and assignments of tenancies
  • Managing anti-social behaviour and other breaches of tenancies
  • Supporting vulnerable tenants and how to live independently 

Please note: Tenancy officers do not manage rents.

Place officer

Your Place officer is responsible for: 

  • Carrying out regular inspections of your block or estate
  • Liaise with residents exploring ways of improving the area through our Positive Places programme 
  • Address any Anti-Social Behaviour complaints within the communal spaces
  • Ensure communal areas are obstruction free and oversee the caretaking and grounds maintenance monitoring.

Contacting your housing officer

Both Officers carry out very different tasks, so to ensure your query is dealt with in the most efficient manner, please ONLY contact the relevant team using the email address below: