Last updated: 22 August 2023

Right to Buy

You have the right to buy if:

  • you've been a council or social housing tenant for a minimum of three years
  • and you hold a secure tenancy

From 6 April 2023, the maximum Right to Buy discount in London is £127,900 and £96,000 outside of London. This discount is for applications received on or after 6 April 2023.

For applications received between 6 April 2022 and 5 April 2023, the previous Right to Buy maximum discount for London is £116,200, and outside of London: £87,200.

Your discount is calculated by how many years you have been a secure tenant.

Three to five years as a secure tenant gives you a 50% discount when you buy your flat or maisonette and 35% when you buy your house.

If you have been a secure tenant for six years or more, you will get an extra 2% discount per year for flats or maisonettes and an extra 1% discount per year for houses. This is capped at 70% or the maximum cash discount - whichever is lower.

You can find out how much discount you may be entitled through the Right to Buy calculator

The process

1. Complete your application

 If you think you are eligible, you can apply now by completing the Right to Buy application form (PDF file)

Once you have completed and signed the forms, please email them to

2. We will assess your application

This can take up to 28 days. We will contact you and request supporting documentation and invite you for a Right to Buy interview to discuss your application. You will be notified by email of the decision to either admit or deny your application.

3. Valuation of your home

Once your application to purchase your home has been accepted, the property must then be valued. Our valuation team will phone you with an appointment time and date. You can heck how much your home is likely to cost before applying through the Right to Buy calculator.

4. Landlord’s Offer 

We will issue you with your Landlord’s Offer (Section 125) Notice. This will give you the valuation and the purchase price after taking off the discount. This is a very important document, and you should read it thoroughly and seek advice if you are not clear about any of the contents. You have 12 weeks to accept or decline the Offer.

5. Offer Acceptance

If you accept the Offer, we will require you to provide details of your solicitors, mortgage in principle and complete an Anti-Money Laundering form. We will then pass your application to our Legal team with instructions to proceed with the sale.  

6. Completion

At this stage our Legal Team will send the necessary legal documents to your solicitor for approval. Once the documentation is approved and full mortgage arrangements are in place, your solicitors will agree a completion date with our legal team.

Things to consider

Once you apply for the Right to Buy the Council’s repair team will only carry out emergency repairs to the property for the duration of your application.  

Property prices in Waltham Forest are high. Based on figures provided by Land Registry in December 2022, the average price of a terraced house was £586,452 and the average price of a flat or maisonette was £381,333.

It is important you consider the financial implications and other responsibilities you would have as a homeowner before you decide if buying your home is the right choice for you.


You can find more information on the government's Right to Buy website.

Or you can speak to our Homeownership team for more information.

Call 0208 496 3000 or send an email to