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Last updated: 21 March 2022

Right to Buy

If you're a council or housing association tenant, you can buy your own home at a discounted rate through Right to Buy. 

The scheme allows you to get up to £112,800 (£84,600 outside London) off the market value of your home.

Please note:

As of Wednesday 6 April 2022, the maximum discount for Right to Buy will be:

London: £116,200 and outside London: £87,200

These discounts will apply to applications which are served on the landlord by the tenant on or after 6 April 2022.

Do I qualify for Right to Buy?

You’ll need to have been a council or housing association tenant for at least three years.

However, we can also consider time you spent as a tenant of another council, or housing association as a secure tenant.

Up to three family members who've been living with you for at least 12 months can join your Right to Buy application.

Find out more

You can find more information on the government's Right to Buy website.

Or you can speak to our Homeownership team for more information.

Right to Buy application form (PDF)