Last updated: 31 January 2024

Next review: 31 January 2025

What if my home is managed by a Tenant Management Organisation

Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) are responsible for most routine repairs carried out within the properties they manage. Should you wish to report a repair, in the first instance please contact:

Friday Hill TMO: email or call 020 8523 9433

SAMS TMO: email or call 0208 926 8944

For out-of-hours repairs, residents should call:

Friday Hill TMO: call 07920 475287

SAMS TMO: 020 8523 6689 or

If a repair relates to gas, such as gas central heating, this should be referred to Aston Group. You can contact Astons by calling 020 8496 4197 option 4 for housing then 1 for repairs then 2 for heating and gas.

Larger repairs including Door Entry Systems, Parking improvements, Roof Renewals and similar are classed as Major Works and are the responsibility of Waltham Forest Council. The TMOs can make recommendations to Waltham Forest of suggested works so residents can present their suggestions to the TMO to share.