Last updated: 14 August 2023

Next review: 14 August 2024


We need larger properties for families on the housing waiting list.  If you are under occupying your current home the Transfer Incentive Scheme can help you move somewhere smaller.

Who qualifies for this scheme

  • Waltham Forest secure council tenants
  • Housing association tenants in Waltham Forest whose housing association has agreed the Council can have nomination rights to the property vacated
  • You must be living in a property with two or more bedrooms and moving to a property with fewer bedrooms.
  • You must have no rent arrears or be willing to use any incentive payment to cover any arrears

Benefits of downsizing

  • Reduced utility bills and council tax
  • A more suitable property for your needs
  • A more manageable home
  • A home closer to family, friends or work

Downsizing incentives

  • Top priority on the housing transfer list.  Downsizers have Band 1 priority to bid for properties.
  • The Rehousing Team can advise you about the different options to downsize
  • We will arrange removals free of charge within Greater London
  • We will pay £1,500 for downsizing by one bedroom, and a further £500 for each additional bedroom.

Cash incentives will only be paid if this has been accepted onto the scheme, and you are working with us to find somewhere smaller.  It is not available if you move somewhere smaller independently.   

Downsizing through mutual exchange

Waltham Forest secure tenants can move somewhere smaller through the mutual exchange scheme. However, an incentive will only be paid if you swap with an overcrowded family.  For instance, a single person living in a 2-bed flat will not receive an incentive if they swap with another single person in a 1 bed flat.

How to apply

If you would like to apply or would like more information about the scheme, please contact the Rehousing Team at