Last updated: 6 June 2024

Next review: 26 September 2024

We have now submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State. The Planning Inspectorate has appointed Sarah Housden and Catherine Jack as joint Planning Inspectors. They will carry out the independent examination on the Local Plan (LP1).

Submission notice (PDF)

Submission letter (PDF)

Key Submission documents 

KD0: Submission documents (PDF)

KD1: Waltham Forest Local Plan (Shaping the borough, LP1) 2020-2035 - Proposed submission document, October 2020 (PDF)

KD2: Schedule of proposed changes to the published plan, April 2021 (PDF)

KD3: Local Plan policies map (PDF)

KD4: Waltham Forest Local Plan (LP1) - Sustainability Appraisal (Submission Version) April 2021 

KD5: Waltham Forest Local Plan (LP1) - Habitats Regulation Assessment (Submission version), April 2021 

KD6: Consultation Statement

KD7: Duty to cooperate statement April 2021 (PDF)

KD8: Schedule of Representations Made (Regulation 19 Stage)  

KD9: Equalities impact assessment (PDF)

KD10: Waltham Forest Local development scheme 2020 to 2023 (PDF)

KD11: Waltham Forest statement of community involvement 2018 (PDF)

KD11.1: Waltham Forest statement of community involvement with addendum (PDF)

KD12: Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Autumn 2021 

KD13: Whole Plan Viability Study, April 2021

Supporting documents 

SD1: Shaping the Borough - Waltham Forest Local Plan, Draft Site Allocations Document (LP2), September 2020 (PDF)

SD2: Schedule of Changes made to the Waltham Forest Draft Local Plan - Shaping the Borough (included in the Proposed Submission Local Plan) (PDF)

SD3: Shaping the Borough Draft Local Plan (Reg 18) 2020 to 2025

SD4: Waltham Forest Local Plan (Shaping the Borough Draft Plan Consultation Report June 2020 (PDF)

SD5: Sustainability Appraisal Report â€“ Draft Local Plan, July 2019 

SD6:  Waltham Forest Local Plan (Direction of Travel Document, Regulation 18), November 2017 (PDF)

SD7: Waltham Forest Local Plan (Direction of Travel Document, Regulation 18), Consultation Report (PDF)

SD8: Sustainability Appraisal Report (Direction of Travel Document) November 2017 (PDF)

Other documents  

The Local Plan is supported by a range of evidence based documents