Last updated: 1 March 2024

Next review: 1 March 2025

The Council adopted Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies (LP1) on 29 February 2024.  This document sets out a spatial vision, strategic objectives and a planning policy framework for development in the Borough until 2035, and includes thematic policies on topics such as housing, climate change, green and blue infrastructure, and heritage.  It replaces the previously adopted development plan documents including the Core Strategy (2012), Development Management Policies Document (2013) and the Area Action Plans for Walthamstow Town Centre (2014) and Blackhorse Lane (2015).


Superseded Area Action Plans


Area Action Plans set out how we intend to coordinate regeneration activities in growth areas identified by the core strategy. Site-specific allocations capture opportunity sites outside of these areas. 

Find out more about area action plans and site-specific allocations.