Last updated: 1 December 2023

Next review: 1 December 2024

We need to make sure the licence holder is the right person. That’s usually the property owner, the manager employed by the owner, or the person who receives rent.

The licence holder should be able to:

  • let and end tenancies
  • access all parts of the premises (as much as the owner would)

If someone other than the licence holder manages the property, it must be clear what they’re responsible for. Otherwise, we will assume the licence holder is responsible for all licence conditions.

We’ll only consider an application for non-UK residents if the managing agent is based in the UK. The agent has to agree to the licence conditions.

We only accept applications from limited companies with a UK registered office. The licence will be in the company name.

Suitability to hold a licence

To get a property licence, you must be a ‘fit and proper’ person.

In making our decision, we will consider any evidence that the person applying for a licence has:

  • committed any offence involving fraud or other dishonesty, violence, drugs and certain sexual offence
  • illegally discriminated on the ground of sex, colour, race, ethnic or national origins or disability in connection with any business
  • broken any housing or landlord and tenant law

You must also be able to show that satisfactory management and financial arrangements are in place for each rented property.

If you fail to meet the fit and proper person test, we may refuse your application for a licence.