Last updated: 28 September 2023

Next review: 11 August 2024

We’ll send you an email with a unique application reference number.

  • We will review information about the proposed licence holder, and any property manager, against our fit and proper criteria. This will help us decide on the licence application.
  • We will ask for the latest gas or electric safety certificates and check any other relevant documents and, or certification.
  • For additional and mandatory HMO property licence applications, we’ll arrange to inspect the property. Our officer will decide if any improvement works are needed. These must be done in a specific time period.
  • Before issuing our decision, we will tell the landlord or managing agent our decision to grant or refuse a licence.
  • We will send details to all interested parties, such as mortgagees (banks, building societies etc). They’ll then have 14 working days to respond. Our final decision will take these into account.  
  • We’ll then formally notify the applicant and all interested parties.
  • If granted, the licence is usually for 5 years. However, we may grant a shorter licence, if we’re concerned about the management or condition of the property. In these cases, we normally issue a 1-year licence.
  • We’ll carry out regular checks to confirm the property is being managed well and any work we’ve asked for has been done.  

We must also keep a public register of licensed properties.