Last updated: 13 September 2023

Next review: 13 September 2024

Waltham Forest Council do not permit residents to store waste or bulk items within the front curtilage of a property‚Äôs boundary, so as to preserve a positive street scene and appearance of the borough. We are also responsible for making sure that dirty or untidy front gardens aren't a nuisance or a hazard in the area.

If you see a dirty front garden that's causing a problem, please report it to us.

What is a dirty front garden?

We define a dirty front garden as one which contains waste or bulky items within, is overgrown, or contains rubbish that can cause a hazard or a nuisance.

We do not consider gardens containing items waiting for collection to be a dirty garden, or if works are being completed on a property which results in linked items being stored for a short period of time.

If a large item collection has been booked through the Council, items should only be placed out for collection the day before the stated collection date and be marked with the booking reference number.

A dirty front garden may have:

  • Piles of dumped waste
  • Rotting food
  • Dumped furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Overflowing bins
  • Very overgrown hedges, trees or other greenery
  • Abandoned building materials

It also includes:

  • Anything from the garden which has also spilled over onto the pavement or street

Please note:

  • Trees or greenery which overhang the pavement or street (public highway) should be reported as a highway obstruction.

Book a large item collection

Book a large item collection

What happens next?

Once we get a report about a dirty front garden, we'll go and take a look. If we think it's a possible hazard or nuisance, we'll ask the owner or occupier of the property to clear it.

Should no action be taken by the owner or occupier, we may issue a formal notice to remove it. Failure to comply with a formal notice is an offence which may result in a fine and we may arrange for the clearance and charging of this work.

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