Last updated: 22 September 2023

Next review: 22 September 2024

Report fly-posting

Find out what fly-posting is, how to report it and get it removed.

What is fly-posting

Fly posters are advertising posters, flyers or stickers that are put up without the permission of the property owner or the local council.

This is called fly-posting and it’s a criminal offence.

We are responsible for removing fly posters from the public property including walls, trees, lamp posts, benches, bus stops, railings and public buildings like libraries.

What happens next?

We'll inspect the location within three working days and remove the fly posters. Please let us know if the material is offensive and we'll try and remove it within one working day.

Will I need permission to advertise for community or charity events?

Yes. We may allow organisers of local or charity events to put up advertising posters on public property. Please email at least four weeks before the event.

We will get back to you within five days and tell you if we give permission. If the answer is no, we'll explain why.

What we can't help with

  • Private premises: The owner is responsible for removing fly-posting on private property. If this isn’t done, we can send a notice telling the owner to remove it within a certain time period. 
    If our notice is ignored, we can remove the fly posters and will charge the owner for this work.

  • Bridges and railway property: Report any fly-posting on railway property to Network Rail. Call 03457 11 41 41, or use one of Network Rail's online forms.

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