Last updated: 5 June 2023

Next review: 12 April 2024

How we make our decision

You won’t automatically get an assessment. We decide on a case by case basis if it’s right for your child. In Waltham Forest, this decision is made by an expert panel, including:

  • Designated Clinical Officer
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Principal Educational Psychologist
  • School SEND Co
  • SEND Success representative
  • Waltham Forest SEND Service Team Leader

The panel meets weekly and reviews the information from the school/parent. It looks at current support, any access to local services, statutory or otherwise, and what impact it’s having. Panel decisions are shared with school or parents within ten working days.

If your child needs an assessment

If the panel decides in your favour, our business support officer will request as much information as possible.  All the professionals involved with your child will then write reports for the assessment. This must be done within six weeks. After hearing back, the SEND Case Officer summarises the information and refers back to the panel for the final decision.

If your child needs an assessment, you will move on to Step 3: my story - hyperlink.

If your child does not need an assessment

If the panel turns down your request, your child’s needs will continue to be met at SEND support. The school or nursery will reconsider what support is best for your child. They may opt to change the support, involve other services via the Local Offer, or ask us for extra help.