Last updated: 16 May 2024

Next review: 16 May 2025

If we decide to keep the EHCP unchanged or to end the EHCP

We must give the parent/carer/child information about mediation and the right to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (SENDIST)

Contact SENDIASS if you are not happy with the decision and wish to appeal (INSERT LINK TO SENDIASS)

If we decide to amend the EHCP

We must send the parent/carer/child a copy of the original EHCP and a notice outlining proposed changes, including supporting evidence for these. This must happen no later than four weeks from the decision to amend letter.

If you don’t receive the amendments within three weeks of the decision, contact your SEND Officer.

Once the parent/carer/child gets the amendments:

They have at least 15 calendar days to respond with their views, for example, naming a school. In addition, they should be made aware that they can meet with the local authority to discuss the proposed changes.  


  • Note the date you received the amendments and when you must respond by. You have 15 days to do this.
  • Read through the changes and note any you disagree with
  • If you want to discuss anything with us, contact your SEND Officer

Within eight weeks of informing the parent/carer/young person of the proposed changes:

We will issue an amended EHCP. If we’re no longer amending it, we’ll inform the parent/ carer/young person and provide information on mediation and the right to appeal.

Contact your SEND Officer or SENDIASS if you require information about mediation

If your child is in year 9 or above and has a learning disability, you can give the EHCP to your GP.  You can then request a learning disability health check as they are entitled to an annual GP check from this age.

Your SEND Officer will upload the final EHCP onto Mosaic, our local authority browser. They will also send a copy to the parent/carer/young person and to the health email address.