Last updated: 12 February 2024

Next review: 12 February 2025

Legally, we must review the EHC plan every year. This is set out in the Code of Practice.

In Early Years, EHC plans are reviewed every 3 to 6 (Code of Practice 9.178).

The review may look different during key transitions. Examples include a Year 6 Transition Review before secondary, and a Year 11 Transition Review before post-16 education.

At the Annual Review, we must check the entire EHC plan - not just educational targets and provision. It can also be a chance for parents and young people to request changes.

EHC plans are not expected to need frequent changes and updates (CoP 9.193). If they do require amending, evidence should be given to support this.

We may refuse a request for a reassessment if it’s been less than six months since the last EHC review, or believe it unnecessary. For example, because we consider the child or young person’s needs have not changed.


A parent can ask a child/young person’s school for an informal review at any time. This can be an opportunity to discuss:

  • how the school/setting is actioning the EHC plan
  • any concerns about the child/young person's progress

When a parent or the school/setting can ask for an early ECHP review

  • There is a major change in a child/young person’s special educational needs and the plan doesn’t reflect this
  • The provision in the child/young person’s EHC plan no longer meets their needs
  • The child/young person has been excluded or is at risk of exclusion from the school/setting
  • There is a problem and it seems the school/setting may not be meeting the child/young person's needs.

This will take the form of a person centred review.