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When it comes to the question of what to do after school or college there are lots of choices to be made: Apprenticeships, Traineeships, T Levels, A Levels, Technical and vocational qualifications, Applied qualifications and Supported Internships.

START Careers Platform in Waltham Forest will help you to discover your future and navigate your journey through education and into the world of work.

  • Register to create an account so that you can start building your profile and receive personalised information and advice.
  • Capture evidence of your employability to help your write a knockout CV or a personal statement
  • Search for post 16 course providers, and apprenticeships
  • Go through to the UCAS website to search for at higher education courses.
  • Explore jobs linked to your interests, or jobs linked to your subject, jobs linked to your strengths, jobs that are in demand in the UK
  • Discover the different worlds where people and businesses work.
  • Search and apply for jobs near you and across London
  • Find out information about employers in Waltham Forest