Some new controlled parking zones (CPZ) will be eligible for Type A Resident Permits only. These are limited to one permit per household, if your address is eligible for Type A Resident Permits only, this will be communicated within the letter which we send to you prior to the go-live of your CPZ.  Please note this change does not affect any existing CPZs

Please note if you reside within a School Street, you should apply for a Combined Resident CPZ and School Streets Permit.

Annual resident parking permits are now virtual. That means there's no need to display a permit in your vehicle. Our officers can use the registration number to check if a vehicle has a valid permit.

Please note that if you have recently moved to the Borough or not do have all proofs required for an annual resident permit, you are still able to apply for a temporary one month resident permit. 

Who can apply?

You can apply if you can prove you are:

  • a full time resident of Waltham Forest and
  • the owner/ main keeper of the vehicle associated with the permit

Your vehicle must also have a current road tax licence.

Blue Badge Holders

  • If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and hold a valid Blue Badge, you can get a free, annual residential permit
  • You can use residential Blue Badge parking permits to park in resident bays within your CPZ or (if you have one).  Your personal disabled bay only. 
  • If you park on a yellow line or any other disabled bays, you should display your Blue Badge.
  • On yellow lines and time restricted bays, you must show your time clock correctly set at your arrival time. Do not change the clock arrival time so you can park for longer.

Note: Please provide the usual proofs of vehicle ownership and, if relevant, a copy of your disabled Blue Badge. 

  • Your permit will only be valid within the residents CPZ or personalised disabled bay. 
  • There is no limit on the number of applications per household. Any Blue Badge holder who lives there can apply for a Residential Blue Badge permit
  • The resident parking permit must be renewed each year. Please note that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure their permit is renewed.  Please set reminders on your phone or calendar, as not receiving an e-mail reminder will not be accepted as mitigation if a penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued due to an expired permit.

Who cannot apply?

You can’t apply if:

  • you live on a car-free development
  • your vehicle exceeds 2.3 meters in height or 5.25 meters in length
  • you have any unchallenged Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

Apply for, or renew your annual resident parking permit

Apply for a resident parking permit

Waltham Forest Council retains the right to carry out random checks on permits in order to check the information supplied in the application.

You'll need to:

  • register your account to use the service if you haven’t already
  • have a debit or credit card ready to pay for your permit
  • have copies of your documents of proof

We will accept photos of documents in the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF, GIF, PNG or JPEG file.

If you don’t supply documents when asked, we may cancel your permit and your vehicle will become subject to enforcement action.

Please allow one working day for the parking control office to respond to your pending online application.

Renew your parking permit

If you need to renew an existing permit you can do so up to 28 days before your permit expires, by logging into your RingGo account. If you have added an email address on your RingGo account, we will send you a reminder with details on how to renew.  Please note that once your permit expires, you will be unable to renew and will have to submit a new application.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure their permit is renewed.  Please set reminders on your phone or calendar, as not receiving an e-mail reminder will not be accepted as mitigation if a penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued due to an expired permit.

Apply by post

To apply or renew by post you'll need to:

  • fill out an application form
  • send payment, and
  • provide documents of proof

Payment should be made by cheque or postal order made payable to 'LBWF'.
Please do not send cash through the post.

Print resident permit application form (PDF) to apply, or manage permit changes by post.

If you would like us to post you an application form, contact our permit team or call 0203 092 0112, option 3 for assistance. The application form will be sent to you within 2 working days.

Apply in person

You can also leave permit application forms at the following libraries:

This is a drop-off service and your application won't be checked by library staff. You must include documents of proof with your application form.

You should drop your permit application off at your nearest library. The library team will then scan your application and send it to the permit team for processing. Once your application has been approved, the permit team will contact you and ask you to pay via debit / credit card. Only then will your permit be active/valid.

If you don't fill in your form properly, your permit will be delayed. You must provide telephone and email contact details, or your application will be disregarded. Any payment you give will be refunded and the permit will not be issued.

If you apply by post, please allow 10 working days for your permit to arrive. 

Enquiries and help with your application

If you'd like a postal application form or this permit doesn't meet your needs, email our permit team or call 0203 092 0112, option 3 for assistance.

You can register a change of vehicle or report your vehicle stolen via your online account.

If applying by post, please use the enquiry form or call the Parking Control Office on
020 8520 0520.


Vehicles that were first registered before 1 March 2001 are charged according to the engine size (CCs). Vehicles registered after 1 March 2001 are charged according to emission category (g/km).

Vehicle type - Engine size/CO2 emissions (g/km)Cost per household for first permitCost per household for second permitCost per household for third and subsequent permit
Up to 100g/km£65£100£200
101-170g/km or up to 1549cc£75£200£380
Over 170g/km or 1549cc£205£500£765

Changes and refund fees

  • Change of VRM: £10
  • Change of Address: £22.50
  • Refund: £27.50

Zero CO2 emissions

The council reserves the right to check applications for vehicles with zero CO2 emissions. 

DVLA records may say your vehicle has zero emissions when it actually isn’t a zero emissions vehicle. The only zero emissions vehicles now on the market are full electric vehicles (EV).  In such cases, we will base permit prices on vehicle engine size. If you believe you are being charged the incorrect banding, please contact our permit team on or 0203 092 0112 Option 3. 

We may apply further price increases if you gave us incorrect information in your application.

What evidence do I need to produce?

Proof of where you live

You must prove that you live within a controlled parking zone and you keep your vehicle within the borough. If this does not apply, please email our permit team: or call them on: 0203 092 0112, option 3 for assistance.

You must provide two documents (dated within the last three months) with your current name and address. For example:

  • Council Tax bill or statement
  • utility bill
  • rent book or lease agreement
  • bank or building society statement
  • driving licence or car insurance

We will not accept mobile phone bills.

Proof of ownership (or main keeper)

For a domestic vehicle, please provide one of the following:

  • vehicle registration document (V5/ Logbook) showing your own name and address within a controlled parking zone
  • copy of insurance schedule documentation confirming your Waltham Forest address and that the vehicle is kept within your controlled parking zone
  • copy of vehicle hire or lease agreement

For a company vehicle, please provide a letter on printed company paper (with VAT number) confirming:

  • where you live
  • your employment status at the company
  • that you are a major user of the vehicle

Where you cannot park

You can't use your virtual residents parking permit to park in:

  • market traders bays (MT)
  • catering bays (CAT)
  • short stay bays 
  • Pay and Display bays
  • car parks
  • designated bays, such as loading bays 
  • suspended parking bays
  • or on single or double yellow lines.

Things you need to know

You are responsible for renewing your virtual parking permit before it expires.
We don't send reminders, unless an e-mail has been added to your RingGo Account. Please note that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure their permit is renewed.  Please set reminders on your phone or calendar, as not receiving an e-mail reminder will not be accepted as mitigation if a penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued due to an expired permit.

Please also note that:

  • if you breach the terms of use, we will revoke your virtual permit immediately. The associated vehicle will then be subject to enforcement action.
  • we may pass the information you provide on the application form to third parties in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended) to help prevent fraud.
  • it remains your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle holds a valid permit at all times.
  • if we detect a fraudulent application, the permit will be invalid and the associated vehicle will be subject to enforcement action.
  • submitting the permit application form confirms that you agree to its terms and conditions of use.

Things you'll need to let us know

You should let us know if:

  • you stop living in the borough or same controlled parking zone and have a valid virtual permit
  • you change your vehicle and have a valid virtual permit.
  • your vehicle has been stolen and it has a valid virtual permit

You can use the online form to tell us of any changes.  You can also notify us by post. Download the resident permit application form (PDF) and send it, with the correct service fee, to Waltham Forest Parking Control Office.

If my car has a permit, will I need one for my motorcycle?

Yes. Motorcycles are classed separately when it comes to banding. That means if you have a car with a residents permit, you'd pay the '1st vehicle' tariff to also cover your motorcycle.


Contact details

0203 092 0112 (select option 3)


Parking Services

Permit Team
PO Box 74924
E17 0UG

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (closed public holidays) 

We aim to respond to emails within 2 working days.