Motorcycles parking in Waltham Forest are subject to the same parking restrictions as cars and other vehicles. This includes but is not limited to; council run car parks, on-street pay and display, pay by phone bays, permit bays, and anywhere else cars pay to park or are restricted from parking.

Waltham Forest has virtual permits and payment options, which allows motorcycles to make payment safely and securely, without having to display a paper permit or pay and display ticket.  

For the purposes of permit banding Motorcycles are classed separate from cars, for example if a household has a car with a resident permit and they wish to purchase an additional residential permit for their motorcycle they would pay the ‘1st vehicle’ tariff for the motorcycle.

How much will I have to pay?

Residents/business’ can apply for a motorcycle parking permit. The pricing structure differs depending on the type of permit and the emission levels produced.

Motorcycle resident parking permit

Apply for a motorcycle resident permit

We now offer annual motorcycle resident parking permits.

The criteria for these is the same as resident permit holders.

Annual residential motorcycle permit pricing

Residential Price
Low emissionsUp to 100g/km£46.00
Standard101 - 170g/km or below 1549cc£62.50
High emissions171g/km or above 1549 cc£175.00

Motorcycle business parking permits

Apply for a motorcycle business parking permit


The criteria are the same as Business Permit Holders.

Annual business motorcycle permit pricing

Low EmissionsUp to 100g/km£82.50
Standard101 - 170g/km or below 1549cc£130.00
High Emissions171g/km or above 1549 cc£190.00