Last updated: 12 December 2023

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Apply for a personal Blue Badge first before you make payment. When your application is approved, you will then be asked for payment.

Who can get a Blue Badge

A Blue Badge allows some disabled people to park closer to their destination, as they are less able to walk long distances or take public transport.

This does not include temporary conditions that are likely to get better in the 3 years the badge is issued for.

Please make sure you read the information carefully so that you know if you are, or may be, eligible and that you apply under the correct criteria for your condition. If you apply under the incorrect criteria, your application will be declined and you will need to reapply.

You can apply if you are a person that meets any of the eligibility criteria below. You can also apply on behalf of someone else, or if you are an organisation involved in the transportation of disabled passengers. See the criteria below.

Automatically eligible

You’re automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if you:

  • are registered severely sight impaired
  • get the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Mobility Component and score of 8 points or more for the ‘Moving Around’ activity of the mobility component
  • get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Mobility Component and score of 10 points specifically with the descriptor which states you ‘cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant’
  • get War Pensioners Mobility Supplement
  • have received a lump sum benefit from the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme (tariffs 1-8) and have certification of having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty walking

The documents you need to send are:

  • Proof of identity, proof of address and photo and
  • Proof of entitlement 

For more information, please visit our supporting documents webpage.

If you’re not automatically eligible

You may still be eligible for a Blue Badge if you:

  • are unable to walk or have considerable difficulty in walking. This criteria is for conditions that affect your physical walking ability, such as (but not limited to) heart or breathing conditions, arthritis and other joint conditions, pain or balance issues
  • have a non-visible (hidden) disability. This criteria is for conditions that may result in very considerable psychological distress when walking, the risk to yourself or others when out and about, such as (but not limited to) autism, learning disabilities or mental health conditions.
  • have a child under 3 years of age who has a medical condition and needs to be near a vehicle at all times. This is so that they can be treated in the vehicle or quickly driven to receive treatment or need to travel with bulky medical equipment
  • are terminally ill with a progressive disease and are not expected to live for more than 12 months
  • have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate all or some types of parking meters

The documents you need to send are:

  • Proof of identity, proof of address and photo, and
  • Supporting documents for the criteria you are applying under 

Non-visible (hidden) disabilities

The Non-visible (hidden) disabilities criteria are for individuals who:

  • experience very considerable difficulty whilst walking, which may include very considerable psychological distress
  • are at risk of serious harm when walking or pose a risk of serious harm to any person when walking

Examples of Non-visible (hidden) disabilities which may qualify are (but not limited to) Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A badge will not be issued on the basis of a diagnosis of a particular condition alone, but the applicant needs to evidence the reasons given above.

The documents you need to provide are listed on the Proof of non-visible disability page.

Please note that applications may take it may take up to 12 weeks to be processed. Failure to provide any requested documentation may cause further delays in processing an application also.

More information

The Department for Transport is responsible for giving guidance on who can get a Blue Badge. You can find more information about eligibility on GOV.UK.


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