Last updated: 3 January 2024

Next review: 3 January 2025

Which organisations can apply?

An organisation may be eligible for a badge (or multiple badges), if they both:

  • care for or assist people who need a Blue Badge
  • transport people who need a Blue Badge

The Council will decide whether the organisation has a clear need for an organisational badge rather than using the individual badges of the people it is transporting. An organisational badge must only be displayed when someone who would be eligible for a Blue Badge in their own right is being transported.  It’s a criminal offence to use a Blue Badge without the disabled person being present.

To be eligible, the organisation must:

  • be responsible for the care and transportation of disabled people
  • be transporting several disabled people who would individually qualify for a Blue Badge

If you have fewer than five people it may be better for them to get individual Blue Badges. These can be used when they travel with your organisation.

The vehicle must be registered at the organisation’s address and be licensed under the Disabled Passenger Vehicle (DPV) Taxation Class.


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