About disabled parking bays

We need to mark the space in a ‘safe’ part of the road so that your car doesn’t become a road hazard by parking there.

If your bay is located within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and you are the registered keeper of a vehicle based at your address then you will be able to park within your bay without displaying your Blue Badge by applying for a virtual residential Blue Badge permit for your vehicle, any other vehicles parked within your bay would need to have your blue badge displayed.

Outside of a CPZ, residential disabled bays are also enforceable, but only upon request. This is because the parking pressures are generally less outside of CPZs.

Please note that whether inside or outside of a CPZ, your disabled bay can be used by any other Blue Badge holder.

Do I qualify?

Each application is assessed on its merits taking into account whether the person applying:

  • has a valid driving licence and is the owner of the vehicle
  • has a valid Blue Badge
  • owns or uses a vehicle registered at their address
  • doesn’t have access to off-street parking, driveway or garage at their address
  • is receiving either Disability Living Allowance with the highest mobility component or, if over 65, the highest rate of Attendance Allowance.
  • receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and score 8 points or more on the 'moving around' activity list

You can apply by doing one of the following:

You’ll need to supply the following with your application:

  • proof of residency
  • proof of benefit
  • a copy of the vehicle registration documents with proof that the car is registered at your address

Return the completed application and supporting evidence to the mobility team by post.

The mobility team is unable to see personal callers.



Mobility Team

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Waltham Forest Council
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The Mobility Team is unable to see personal callers.