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Last updated: 6 December 2021

Bid for a council property

You’ll need your bidding number first

If you’re not sure what it is, call us on 020 8496 4197 and choose the housing option.  We’ll then ask a few security questions before giving you the information you need.

How to bid

You can bid weekly anytime from 12:01am on Thursday morning until midnight on Sunday.

It doesn’t matter when you bid, as we won’t decide who will be offered a property until bidding has closed.

You can’t bid for more than 2 properties a week.  You should only bid for homes you’d be ready to accept and move into.  

To see the properties you can bid for, log into the Choice Homes bidding website.

As housing is in such short supply, there may not always be properties available. We may also limit who can bid for a property, for example, only existing council tenants or people who need wheelchair access.

Alternative housing options

Due to very high demand, we advise everyone to look at other housing options.