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How to update your details

Let us know about any big changes in your circumstances. 

This could be:

  • Change of address
  • Medical issues which affect your housing needs
  • Someone leaving or joining your household
  • Interest in Sheltered Housing

Here’s how to tell us:

  1. Register for a My Account. If you have one, go to step 3.
  2. We’ll email a link which tells you how to activate My Account.
  3. Link your existing application to your My Account. Follow the link, log in and go to the ‘Link Your Housing Application or Tenancy’ form. You’ll need:
  • your housing application / bidding reference number
  • date of birth of main applicant
  • rent payment reference number (for housing transfer applications)
  • current address postcode (for housing transfer applications)
  1. You can now use this form to tell us about a change in circumstances