Last updated: 24 October 2023

Next review: 24 October 2024

To stay on the housing register you must re-register every 12 months to let us know you are still seeking housing and if your circumstances have changed.  There is a period during which you must re-register. The start and end dates which apply to you are shown when you log on to the Choice Homes bidding website. You should check this regularly as the dates may change. We will also send you an email reminder. 

If you fail to re-register within this period, we will assume that you are no longer seeking housing and your housing application will be closed.  This will mean that you will lose waiting time on the housing register if you apply again. 

To re-register you need to update your housing application in the same way you would notify us of a change in circumstances. Even if your circumstances have not changed, you must complete this form to confirm there are no changes. There is a tick box at the end of the form to indicate you want to renew your application.

Before being able to re-register or notify us of a change in circumstances you must have registered for My Account and linked your existing housing application. You only need to do this once.

How to register for My Account and link housing application

  1. Register for a My Account. If you have one, go to step 3.
  2. We’ll email a link which tells you how to activate My Account.
  3. Link your existing application to your My Account. Follow the link, log in and go to the ‘Link Your Housing Application or Tenancy’ form. You’ll need:
  • your housing application/ bidding reference number
  • date of birth of the main applicant
  • rent payment reference number (for housing transfer applications)
  • current address postcode (for housing transfer applications)