Last updated: 29 May 2024

Next review: 4 April 2025

Family Hubs activities for children aged 0 to 5 are part of Best Start in Life, a government-funded programme supporting Waltham Forest's parents and carers with their children’s growth.

You can find Best Start in Life services in all four Family Hubs and other community spaces throughout every neighbourhood in the borough. Many services are run by our partners, specialists in their fields, such as HENRY and Lloyd Park Children's Charity

Services include:

Best Start in Life

As part of its Best Start in Life programme, the Council provides two free support packs, one for babies and another for 2 year olds, containing expert information and support, as well as activity timetables, toys and clothes for children.

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Best Start in Life is promoted through its six superheroes, each with specialities ranging from eating to childcare, learning, health and wellbeing, play, exercise and fun, and development. Find out more about our Best Start in Life superheroes.

Best Start in Life brand

The Council has created two booklets for parents: a Baby Booklet and a Two-Year-Old Booklet. They contain expert advice around many aspects of parenting, including local support.

The baby booklet is given to parents at their '6-8 week assessment' by a health visitor, and the Two-Year-Old Booklet is given at the 'Two to two and a half year review'. You can also read them below.