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If you feel that you need help caring for your child, or if you are concerned about the welfare or safety of a child you will need to contact Children’s Social Care Services. The way that you do this is the same for disabled and non-disabled children.

All Referrals to Children’s Social Care are first dealt with by the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

Waltham Forest Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub consists of professionals from:

  • Children’s Services
  • Health
  • Education
  • Police
  • Probation
  • Housing
  • Early Help Service
  • Youth Offending
  • London Victim Support

This means that joint decisions can be easily made about how best to meet a child’s needs (see below for guide to thresholds)

Before deciding whether an assessment is needed, children’s social care will consider whether the best way to help will be through universal services e.g. schools, nursery’s, GP's etc.

This could also be through an Early Help Assessment where the Early Help Service will ensure that everyone involved with your child, such as teachers and health visitors, works together to support your child.

Children’s Social Care use a four-staged model of intervention as a way of finding the best way to help families.

You can find detailed information regarding thresholds for children’s social care by clicking on the below link.

Guide to Thresholds and Practice (PDF)