Last updated: 11 October 2023

Next review: 11 October 2024

The aim of a safeguarding plan is to assist the person to live the life they want, with support and protection if needed, so they can manage the risks they choose to take. A safeguarding plan could include enabling the adult to achieve resolution or recovery.

Once we have the facts we need, further discussions with the adult or their representative will be needed to decide whether a safeguarding plan is required.

The enquiry may lead to a number of outcomes, depending on the circumstances, including possible criminal prosecution if abuse or neglect is proven. In other cases, where there is risk of abuse, we may find that the adult has other care and support needs.  This could require different services and may lead to a needs assessment or review of an existing care and support plan. This can happen whether the allegation is true or otherwise, as many enquiries may be inconclusive.

If additional assessments are agreed then the decision making and planning must be jointly discussed with the concerned adult.  This is to ensure their future safety and wellbeing. We’ll ensure that they’re fully involved and informed about any decisions that may have to be made against their wishes.

If a safeguarding plan is required we’ll agree a time to review this, to ensure that the plan is working for them.

If a section 42 enquiry is not required, we’ll discuss how best to proceed with the concerns raised. This may include pursuing a complaint, or a referral to another organisation for information or support.