Meet our Best Start in Life superheroes

Best Start in Life superhero characters
Published: 31 August 2022
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We'd like to introduce you to our Best Start in Life superheroes! They are our six unique super-helpers who will give us a hand in engaging and supporting Waltham Forest families to ensure all children get the Best Start in Life.

These brilliant super kids all have distinctive characteristics that make them special, just like the amazing Waltham Forest children. From left to right, meet:

  • Patient Patryk likes to take his time and doesn’t mind waiting for his turn to speak or to play. He’s the best listener and can always keep his cool under pressure.
  • Helpful Hakim is our veteran, he’s in Year 1 and has been through the Best Start in Life programme already, of which he is very knowledgeable and can offer helpful advice
  • Respectful Rhea is our Eco-warrior. She loves the outdoors and animals and is always looking for ways to look after the environment.
  • Active Ashton is our youngest hero and is still learning how to move around, but he loves to explore new places and try new foods.
  • Curious Carina loves to learn and listen to stories; she is sure to bring a smile to your and your child's face with her bright personality
  • Brave Bilkis is a fearless super-kid and spends her time climbing trees, she is not afraid to speak up about her feelings and will conquer you with her infectious energy

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