Last updated: 8 April 2024

Next review: 8 April 2025

You can apply now through the eAdmissions website. The Starting Primary School 2024 guide (PDF) has all you need to know. 

Section 3 (pages 26 to 29) of the Starting Primary School 2024 brochure shows details regarding the schools in Waltham Forest.  Please note that the published admission number (PAN) for Yardley Primary School will now be 90, and not 60 as stated.

The eAdmissions (PDF) guide explains how to apply for your child’s school place online .

When completing your application form please ensure that you tick the box to indicate any additional priority your child may have for being allocated a place in your preferred school (such as a sibling, medical or social criteria or looked after child status).

It is your responsibility to provide evidence to support your priority claim and this must be submitted with your application by the closing date. If you submit the evidence after the closing date, it may not be possible for school admissions to consider it before places are allocated on national offer day. If you tick the box on the application form but you do not provide any supporting evidence, your application will not be considered under this priority, and you will not be reminded to submit your evidence.

If you have any technical issues when applying online, please go to eAdmissions support page. If you still require help after visiting this page, please contact the admissions team by email:

If you are unable to apply online, you can use the primary common application form (PDF). It has instructions on the back explaining how to submit your printed application.

Help with completing online forms

For those without computers, you can use a self-service PC in any Waltham Forest Library

Staff there can help you to log in and create a MyAccount.