Last updated: 26 October 2023

Next review: 26 October 2024

Your repair responsibilities

As a leaseholder, you’re responsible for maintaining the inside of your home. This includes:

  • inside decoration, carpets, floors and fittings
  • furniture and appliances
  • internal plumbing and wiring
  • doors inside and glass in your windows
  • arranging for your own gas appliances to be serviced annually
  • ensuring your front door complies with the current legislation on fire safety

Some maintenance requires you to get permission from the council before you start. So, contact us before you do any of the following.

  • Anything that will affect the external appearance of your house or flat – such as installing a satellite dish or painting the exterior.
  • Front door. If you plan to replace your front door, please contact us first as all new doors must pass specific fire regulations.
  • Lofts: Any space above your home belongs to the council. If you need to access this to do any repairs, you’ll need to get permission first.
  • Laminate flooring: You need to make sure you have adequate sound proofing before you lay any flooring. Check with us before you do.
  • Any modification or replacement of any gas or electrical appliances or installations
  • You must seek permission before carrying out any works that alter the interior layout e.g. walls

If you don’t get permission, you may have to return your property to its previous condition at your own expense.

Our repair responsibilities

We are responsible for maintaining the structure of your home, and all shared areas. This includes:

  • your building's structure including the roof, guttering and window frames,
  • maintaining the shared parts of the building e.g. lifts and stairs,
  • shared plumbing/ heating systems/ electrics,
  • buildings insurance.

To get permission, contact Assets team today.
Phone 0208 496 3000