Last updated: 31 August 2023

Next review: 31 August 2024

The number of people renting private properties has increased steadily over the last decade and there are currently estimated to be 39,000 privately rented properties in the borough. This represents over 37% of homes in Waltham Forest.

This is a growing sector that provides affordable, flexible accommodation for our residents. We are committed to building a strong private rented sector and will continue to support responsible landlords and help tenants and residents understand the benefits of property licensing.

The implementation of property licensing has helped us to ensure that properties in this sector meet the necessary safety standards, are well maintained and are properly managed. We do this through a combination of reactive and proactive property inspections and document audits.

Property licensing provides an important framework in which we regulate the conditions and management practices in the private rented sector.  A number of Council departments and services will continue to work together with us to help deliver the schemes. These include:

Whilst we work with and support landlords who aim to comply with the regulations, we also have a zero-tolerance approach to landlords and agents who flout the law. Further information is in the Council’s Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy.