Last updated: 24 November 2023

Next review: 22 September 2024

If you have undesirable animals, insects and other pests, you can get them treated by our pest control team.

This service is available for all residents and businesses in the borough. 

Eight-five per cent of our customers found this service gave value for money.

Customer feedback “I cannot thank them enough, excellent value, very helpful and thorough, very punctual”

How to book or manage your booking

You can only book pest control services online.

Booking for someone else

You can use your own My Account and then put their details in when asked for the treatment address. You’ll then be sent a confirmation you can share with the person.

Reschedule your appointment

If you need to change the time or date of your appointment, you can do that online up until two days before the appointment time. 

Should you need to reschedule less than two days before your appointment, you'll find the details on your confirmation email.

Cancel your appointment

To cancel your appointment, you can do that online. See your confirmation email for details of our refund process.

If you have lost the details of your appointment

Information about your appointment should be on the confirmation email you receive.

If you’ve lost this information, please email us with as much detail about your request: when you made the booking, what name and address, booking reference number.


Telephone: 0208 496 5525

On the day of your appointment

Appointments are from 8am to 12pm or 12pm to 3pm.

Someone needs to be in when we arrive as we can’t enter your premises unaccompanied.

Pest control costs

You can book an appointment and make your payment using the online booking form 

All major credit/ debit cards are accepted.

Types of pestStandard charge
Bed bugs (two visits) (includes one room with a maximum of three beds)£185
Bed bugs - additional rooms (max three beds each, two visits)£16.50  each
Carpet beetles (one infested room, two visits)£115
Carpet beetles - additional rooms (two visits)£16.50 each
Cockroaches (two visits)£150
Common clothes moths (one infested room, two visits)£115
Common clothes moths - additional rooms (two visits)£16.50 each
Fleas (two visits)£140
Garden ants (two visits)£115
Mice (three visits including bait removal)£150
Pharaoh Ants (three visits)£145
Rats (three visits including bait removal)£150
Wasps (one nest)£90
Extra nest£45

Find out what types of pests you have

If you don’t know what type of pest is causing the problem, you can look at the fact sheets below, or you can use the online pest identification service.

How the pest identification service works

  • find it on the online booking form.
  • explore useful help and factsheets about pests
  • if you need further help you can enter in details of your pest and upload photos
  • you’ll then get an email within three working days with an assessment and recommended action
PestPreparing your property before treatmentFact sheet
Bed bugsBed bugs treatment Bed bug 
CockroachesCockroaches treatment Cockroach 
FleasFleas treatment Fleas 
MiceMice treatment Rat  
Pharaoh ants Pharaoh ant 

Other common pests

Pest typesFact sheets
AntsGarden ant 
Bees and wasps

Bumble bees 

Mortar bees 



Carpet beetles 

Cigarette beetle and drugstore beetle 

Flour beetle 

Larder beetle 

BirdsFeral pigeon 
FliesFruit flies 
Food pests


Rice weevil 

Yellow mealworm 

Garden pests


Gray squirrel 

Harlequin ladybirds 

House pests



Wharf borer



Clothes moth 

Indian meal moth 

Safety around humans and pets

The chemicals we use are safe, as long as you follow instructions and advice.

You must keep pets and children away from the poisons and or insecticides we used. We never lay poison if the risk is too high.

Contact us for more information about our commercial pest control services


Telephone: 020 8496 5525