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How to report a stray animal

Any dog that is at large in a public space and does not have a person in charge of it is considered a stray.

This includes those that have been let out to exercise themselves rather than being walked by the owner.

If you have lost a dog or found a stray, please contact 07816 965 690, where the on-duty officer will deal with your enquiry.

If you have concerns about animal welfare or behaviour or you want to make an enquiry about animal licensing please use our Make animal advice or licensing enquiry form.

You can report stray cats and dogs to Battersea.

What we do

We will try to locate the owner by checking for dog tags on the collar (if it’s wearing one) and microchips.

If we find the owner, we’ll contact them as soon as possible.

If we cannot find the owner, we'll keep the dogs in our kennels for 7 days and then try to find them new homes.

What if your dog goes missing?

First instance

Call us on 07816 965 690

If that doesn’t work

Contact surrounding local authorities and the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Put its details on lost dog websites such as:


  • Remember to remove the details from the website once your dog has been found
  • If your dog is micro-chipped contact the microchip company to make sure your details are up to date
  • The police no longer collect or accept stray dogs.

Collars and Micro-chipping

For information on micro-chipping your pet see our dog microchippping page.