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Free things you can do

Small changes can make a big difference and there is lots of advice and free resources for residents who want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Here are our top free tips.

  1. Cut down on waste: Love food and make waste a thing of the past with Love Food, Hate Waste
  2. Use less water: Use the Thames Water’s Water Saving Calculator to save water and reduce your water bill
  3. Grow your own food: Whether it’s in your gardens, a window box, house plants or allotment, it’s possible to grow your own food.
  4. Cycle Confident: Book a free cycle training session and ‘Dr Bike’ session to keep your bike on the road
  5. Reuse and recycle more: There are lots of way we’re making it easier for residents to reuse and recycle
  6. Volunteering: Support biodiversity in the local area by volunteering in a local park and open space.
  7. Join a green gym: Free, active sessions that combine physical activity with interesting outdoor practical conservation tasks.
  8. Make your home more energy efficient: If your circumstances allow and you want to learn more about the possibilities to make your home more environmentally friendly, register for an open day at our landmark eco-home.
  9. Choose Local: Reduce the miles your food, goods and other purchases travel and support businesses in your area by choosing local. Check out our business directory for more details.
  10. Bee Friendly: Make your neighbourhood a friendly environment for bees and other natural life.