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Where the money goes

Find out which services and activities your council tax goes towards.

Last updated: 30 May 2022

Next review: 10 March 2023

We set the amount of Council Tax you have to pay every year.

The Valuation Office Agency has put each property in England in one of eight bands based on its price in 1 April 1991.

We set the amount you have to pay for each band.

Council Tax guide and expenditure, 2022 to 2023

Council Tax guide and expenditure, 2021 to 2022

Council Tax guide and expenditure, 2020 to 2021

Council Tax guide and expenditure, 2019 to 2020

How we use your Council Tax

We use your Council Tax to pay for many local services like emergency services, rubbish collection, libraries, schools, street lights and much more.

Some of the money goes to pay for the Greater London Authority (GLA) spending.

How we calculate your Council Tax

We calculate your Council Tax using the Valuation Office's bands and the GLA charges.

Council Tax: previous year charges

Read Council Tax charges for previous years (PDF)