Last updated: 30 January 2024

Next review: 30 January 2025

Highway licences cover things like scaffolding, hoardings, cranes etc, for Street Works an applying for Temporary Traffic Orders.

In accordance with the Highways Act 1980, you must have a licence to work on or occupy the public highway. This includes roads, pavements and verges.

If you carry out works without this permission, you are breaking the law. This could result in confiscation of materials and court action against both the hirer or owners of the materials and the people who delivered them.  For building materials, we will only grant a licence in exceptional circumstances, if there is nowhere else to keep them. 

For skip licences, see our skip licence information page.

Highway licence application form

Download the Highway Licence form (PDF)

  • Complete and save the form on your PC. Then email us the form with all attachments.
  • Pay the appropriate fee, as instructed on the application form.
  • Please allow at least five working days between the date we receive application, and the date you intend to start. It might not be possible to agree your preferred date if there are conflicting activities in the road, or you don't provide enough information.  Once approved, we'll send you the licence, with any conditions attached.  Do not start activities until you receive the licence.
  • Licences are subject to all the conditions on the application form plus any other conditions we add.
  • Please ensure that you clear the site by the date the licence expires.  If you require an extension, you must apply at least five working days before expiry.

Fees and duration of licence

From 1 February 2024

Scaffolding30 days£640
Hoarding30 days£640
Crane5 days£640
Container30 days£925
Compound30 days£975
Materials14 days£135

Street Works Licence

Most utility works are carried out by statutory bodies. They apply directly to us for a street works permit.  Qualified contractors doing other works (eg for new drainage connections) need a licence (section 50) to open or tunnel through the public highway.

Download the Street Works Licence application form (PDF)

You'll find application conditions, costs and payment details on the form.​

Temporary Traffic Order

A temporary traffic order is required if traffic restrictions (for example: road closure, banned turn, parking restrictions* etc) are necessary for street works.

Download the Temporary Traffic Order application form (PDF)

You'll find application conditions, costs and payment details on the form.

* For parking restrictions, a Traffic Order is required where there are no existing parking controls. Where there are existing parking bays, apply for a parking suspension.

Help with completing online forms

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