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Keeping your property safe this winter

Published: 15 November 2023
Filed under: Crime and community safety

As Christmas approaches, it’s a great time to think about any small changes you could make at home to keep your property as safe as possible and give you peace of mind.

There are simple steps you can take to keep potential criminals away from your property, including improving lighting and keeping sight lines clear. The Metropolitan Police Service have extensive advice on their website: 

Crime Prevention Advice

Here are some quick tips to keep your property safe:

  1. Keep fences or hedges at the front of your property to no more than one metre in height – this makes it harder for criminals to hide. Fences at the side and rear of your property are recommended to be taller. 
  2. If you can, install lighting in your outdoor areas. Doorbell cameras and CCTV can also be a useful deterrent and help with identification if a crime is committed. 
  3. Thorny or prickly plants along your property boundary and under windows act as an effective barrier.
  4. Avoid leaving items outside that could aid criminal damage and, or burglary (e.g. ladders, bricks, tools) and keep front spaces tidy (to avoid creating hiding spots and to present a greater sense of ownership).

Remember, if you or anybody else is at risk of harm, including if someone has illegally entered your home, call 999. If there is no immediate threat of danger to you or someone else, please call 101 or make a report online.