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Join our violence against women and girls (VAWG) advisory panel

Published: 28 January 2022
Filed under: Crime and community safety

Job summary

Waltham Forest VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) team are looking for women in our community to join a newly formed VAWG Advisory panel.

The Advisory Panel will be responsible for providing consultation to strengthen our survivor-centred approach to VAWG initiatives, programs, and services within the borough.

This opportunity requires being available for consultation, and a commitment of a minimum of four meetings a year over a two-year period*. The anticipated start date is March 2022, with a 4-week team building program.  

This opportunity is open to women and young women who have been victims of or affected by Gender-based violence. This includes Domestic and Sexual Violence, so-called ‘Honour-based’ Violence, Stalking and/or Harassment, Coercion, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse.

*This is subject to need and may need to meet more if opportunities arise.

Specific responsibilities

  • Serve in a board capacity for 2 years to provide overall influence and input to all VAWG related programs and services.
  • Supporting Waltham Forest with our VAWG Strategic Plan.
  • Have the capacity to commit to a minimum of 4 meetings annually.
  • Participate in 4-week group team building programme.


  • Have lived experience or been affected by Gender-Based Violence.
  • Live or have a close connection to Waltham Forest (i.e., go to school or college in the borough, work in the borough for over 2 years etc).
  • To be committed to ending VAWG and the well-being of women and girls in Waltham Forest.


  • Influencing Waltham Forest’s VAWG strategic plan which leads to real life outcomes for women and girls in the borough.  
  • Gaining consultation and strategic planning experience.
  • Contributing to bettering our community.
  • Connecting with other women with shared experience in the borough.
  • Paid opportunity.

If interested, please send an Expression of Interested briefly explaining why you want to join the panel and your connection to the borough to with “VAWG Advisory Panel” in the subject line.

We know that VAWG affects all women and girls, and we are keen for this group to represent voices across all ages, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexualities, those who may not have English as a first language and those who have a disability or who are neurodivergent.