Have your say: banning disruptive car meets

Image shows the front bumpers of several cars parked in a car park. Most of the cars are white.
Published: 4 April 2024
Filed under: Crime and community safety

In Waltham Forest, nuisance and anti-social behaviour caused by drivers attending unauthorised 'car meets' causes significant problems for the residents most often affected.

Residents living near locations where car meets are regularly held report loud noises into the night, and large groups of people behaving in a disruptive or intimidating way, including breaking speeding laws or taking drugs.

To tackle this issue, the Council is proposing to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) prohibiting large congregations of drivers. This will give us and the Police new enforcement powers to help crack down on the issue, making it an offence to attend a car meet either as a passenger or a driver. 

But we need to know what you think! The proposed PSPO is now out for consultation until Wednesday 24 April. Take a look at the detailed proposal and have your say at the link below:

Have your say - car meets PSPO