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Wheelie bins

Our green recycling wheelie bins and brown food and garden waste wheelie bins come in two sizes: large (240L) and standard (140L). You can swap your bin size, or order a second one.

The black refuse wheelie bin is for other household rubbish that cannot be recycled.

You may already have a standard sized black wheelie bin, or the larger size. Any replacement refuse wheelie bins will only be standard size.

You may have multiple brown and green bins (within reason), but only one black refuse bin is permitted.

For bin sizes please review from page 15 onwards from the Waste and Recycling Policy for Developers 

If you have a brown bin, then you can order a kitchen caddy from us to make it easier to collect your food waste within your home, before you empty it into the brown bin.

You can line your kitchen caddy with a single sheet of newspaper, or compostable liners with the compostable seedling logo.

Communal bins

Communal bins are often kept in the bin store serving all flats in the block you live in.

Recycling goes in the large green communal bin. Put your recycling loose in the bin, you can order an indoor storage bag for recycling. It's small enough to keep indoors, before emptying into the communal recycling bin.

We recently trialled a communal food waste collection service for properties with communal bins. We are now rolling this service out permanently to all communal properties

You’ll receive a kitchen caddy and liners. You should regularly empty it into the external communal grey food waste bin, which will be located with the communal recycling and refuse bins.

General rubbish that cannot be recycled goes in the large black communal bin. Put your rubbish in a tied up refuse sack, before putting it into the communal bin.

Rubbish and recycling sacks

Residents of flats above shops, or other property with no frontage or other area to store bins, should present their waste in sacks and their recycling in Council-provided green recycling sacks. All sacks need to be presented on the correct days and at the correct times. To find out more please check your collection days

We deliver rolls of green single use recycling sacks to such properties four times a year

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • and November

They will be posted through the letter box.

If you need more, or do not have a letter box, you can pick them up from your local library

If your property does not currently receive a recycling sack delivery, please make a Waste Enquiry.

You can also order an indoor storage bag for recycling.