Different bins are allocated to different property types. Before you order, please check what kind of bin collection you have.

Wheelie Bins

We charge for new and replacement wheelie bins:

  • All wheelie bins in both sizes the standard (140 litres) and large (240 litres) are £25.00
  • Indoor kitchen caddies and storage bags for recycling are free.
  • There is no charge for the removal of damaged and unwanted bins.

If you move into a house the previous resident should have left the bins for you. If they haven't, you will need to order new bins.

The charge covers the cost of the bin including assembly, administration, and delivery. All bins must be delivered, they cannot be collected.

You will receive email confirmation of your bin order, We aim to deliver or remove bins within 10 working days of your order. 

If you change your mind after ordering a bin you can request a refund but there is a £5 charge to cover admin fees.

If you don't want to pay for a replacement bin, you can choose to dispose of your rubbish yourself by taking it to one of our household waste recycling centres as we don’t accept rubbish in sacks, or empty any other type of unauthorised container. Doing this could result in a fixed penalty notice.

Additional wheelie bins

Households may only have one black refuse wheelie bin per property. 

We supply refuse bins in the standard size unless a resident requires a large one. If you require a large refuse bin you will need to apply for this and provide relevant supporting documentation. 

You may apply for a large refuse bin if you have additional waste because of reasons such as a

  • medical condition
  • nappies
  • larger number of occupants at the property. 

If you order a black refuse bin and upon delivery we find that there is already a refuse bin present and you have not requested its removal, then the new refuse bin will not be delivered. 

You can only request additional green recycling and brown food and garden waste wheelie bins. They are available in both sizes.

Damaged or stolen wheelie bins

We will not accept responsibility for stolen or damages caused by overfilling the bin, placing inappropriate items in it, or reasonable wear and tear (such as broken lids, cracked bins, damaged handles).

If your bin has fallen into the back of the collection vehicle, the crew will place a card through your letterbox and a replacement bin will be delivered free of charge within 5 working days.

Communal bins

Communal bins cannot be purchased from the Council and are only available for hire, please see our guidance for developers for more information.

Rubbish and recycling sacks

Residents of flats above shops, or other property with no frontage or other area to store bins, should present their waste in sacks and their recycling in Council-provided green recycling sacks. All sacks need to be presented on the correct days and at the correct times. To find out more please check your collection days

We deliver rolls of green single use recycling sacks to such properties four times a year

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • and November

They will be posted through the letter box.

If you need more, or do not have a letter box, you can pick them up from your local library

If your property does not currently receive a recycling sack delivery, please make a Waste Enquiry.

The Council do not provide recycling sacks to flats that have access to communal bins.

You can also order an indoor storage bag for recycling.