There’s nothing like growing your own fruit and veg. Having an allotment will also get you out in the fresh air and can improve your overall health and fitness.

Applications for allotments are currently closed:

Due to very high demand, we have temporarily closed the waiting lists for all our allotment sites. The situation will be reviewed every few months so please keep checking the website if you are interested in going on the waiting list in the future.
Applicants who are already on the list will not be affected.
We are unable to answer enquiries relating to applicants’ position on the list, but we will contact you when you are near the top and a plot becomes available

Apply for an allotment

Please email for more information.

There are also several other allotments across the borough which we do not manage. To find out about availability, you should contact these sites directly.

Help with completing online forms

If you don't have a computer, you can use a self-service PC at any library in Waltham Forest to log your request. The library staff can help you to log in and create a MyAccount.

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary, depending on:

  • Size: 1 square rod is around 25 square metres, so a 10 square rod is 250 square metres.
  • Amenity level: There are three levels, high, average and low. The annual costs for 1 square rod are £18.70 for high amenity sites, £15.40 for average amenity sites, and £13.20 for low amenity sites. Concessions are available. Food growing sites (raised bed) cost £31.90 per year.

Email: to find out more.

Council allotments

To discuss any of the sites we manage, please contact: unless stated otherwise. 

  1. Auckland road Allotments, Auckland Road, Leyton*
    *Jointly managed with Leyton Allotments Society
  2. Bateman Road Allotments, Burnside Avenue, Chingford
  3. Beechwood Allotments, Larkshall Road, Chingford
  4. Browning Road Allotments, Browning Road, Leytonstone*
    *Jointly managed with Bushwood Allotment Society Email:
  5. Cherrydown Close Allotments, Cherrydown Close, Chingford
  6. Dawlish Road Allotments, Dawlish Road, Leyton*
    *Jointly managed with Leyton Allotment Society (see 1)
  7. Downsell Road Allotments, Downsell Road, Leyton*
    * Jointly managed with Leyton Allotment Society (see 1)
  8. Hawkwood Allotments, Drysdale Avenue, Chingford
  9. Higham Hill Common Allotments, Green Pond Road, Walthamstow*
    * Jointly managed with Higham Hill Allotment Association 
  10. Hollywood Way Allotments, Hale End Road, Highams Park
  11. Kings Passage Allotments, Kings Road, Leytonstone*
    * Jointly managed with Bushwood Allotment Society
  12. Kings Road Allotments, Kings Road, Chingford
  13. Low Hall Lane Allotments, Low Hall Lane, Walthamstow
  14. Markhouse Common Allotments, Queens Road, Walthamstow*
    * Jointly managed with Markhouse Allotment Association 
  15. Marsh Lane Allotments, Leyton
    *Jointly managed with Manor Garden Society Email:
  16. Mount Avenue Allotments, Alpha Road, Chingford
  17. Mulberry Close Allotments, Mulberry Close, Chingford
  18. Oliver Road Allotments, Osier Way, Leyton*
    * Jointly managed with Leyton Allotment Society (see 1)
  19. Pimp Hall Allotments, Kings Road, Chingford *
    *Jointly managed with Pimp Hall Allotment Association
  20. Ruckholt Road Allotments, Ruckholt Close, Leyton*
    *Jointly managed with Leyton Allotment Society (see 1)
  21. Seymour Road Allotments, Seymour Road, Leyton
  22. Simmons Lane Allotments, Simmons Lane, Chingford*
    *Jointly managed with Simmons Lane Allotment Association
  23. Sinnott Road Allotments, Gurney Close, Walthamstow
  24. Southwest Road Allotments, Southwest Road, Leytonstone
  25. Suffield Hatch Allotments, Templeton Avenue, Chingford
  26. Wickham Road Allotments, Wickham Road, Highams Park
  27. Willow Tree Allotments, Chingford Road, Walthamstow

Other local allotments

Sites we lease:

  • Brookfield Allotments, Alders Avenue, Woodford Green
    Brookfield Allotments Association
    Contact Site Manager
  • Cheshire Fields Allotments, St James Park, Walthamstow
    Walthamstow Town's Allotment Association
  • Chestnuts Farm Allotments, Forest Road, Walthamstow
    Walthamstow Town's Allotment Association
    Contact : Branch secretary, Julia Clarke, 07801756863
  • Hoxton Manor Allotments, Chingford Road, Chingford
    Walthamstow Town's Allotment Association
    Contact: Branch Secretary, Annalisa Dunn
  • Low Hall Farm Allotments, Bridge Road, Walthamstow​
    Walthamstow Town's Allotment Association
    Contact: Site manager
  • Roding Farm Allotments, Nutter Lane, Wanstead​
    Leytonstone Allotment Holders Association

Privately owned allotments

The following are run by Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Charity

  • Forest Road Allotments, Forest Road, Walthamstow
  • Hale End Road Allotments, Hale End Road, Walthamstow
  • Honeybone Allotments, Low Hall Lane, Walthamstow
  • Trencherfield Allotments, Higham Hill Road, Walthamstow

Our allotment rules

On our allotments you can:

  • Grow food - find out about the food growing scheme
  • Keep bees (some sites only, with the Allotment Officer’s agreement)

But you can’t:

  • Have bonfires
  • Grow anything illegal
  • Grow plants that are a nuisance to neighbouring plots
  • Keep livestock

For more details on how we expect tenants to behave, download our allotment tenancy agreement.