Last updated: 26 September 2023

Next review: 26 September 2024

Resident Associations

A Resident Association is a group formed by elected residents, called a committee, for the benefit of other residents (members) who live on the same estate. They represent members on important matters and negotiate service improvements with the council and other organisations on their behalf.

Why create a Resident Association (RA)?

  • To help improve communications with the council.
  • To make sure residents are kept informed and consulted. 
  • To preserve and improve amenities and services enjoyed by residents living on the estate.  

See our RA guide for more information on the committee roles and responsibilities

How to form a Resident Association

You’ll need a minimum of four members to start. Each committee needs a chairperson, a vice chair, treasurer and a secretary.

We can support you with:

  • free training opportunities
  • annual grant of a minimum of £250 for stationary, publicity, postage, hall hire, refreshments, fares to meetings
  • discretionary grant funding up to £700 to enable you to hold activities / events in your area
  • annual insurance cover for your association

If you wish to set up an association, contact us