Last updated: 2 November 2023

Next review: 2 November 2024

The LADO process broadly follows these steps:

  1. Decide if meets the threshold, and signpost 
  2. Inform appropriate/ involved agencies
  3. Maintain records under DPA18, GDPR16, and the local authority’s data retention and destruction policies
  4. Refer to Child Abuse Investigation Team Police (CAIT) if there is a potential criminal offence
  5. Refer to MASH if there is a clear adverse impact on child(ren)
  6. Schedule an Allegations against Staff & Volunteers (ASV) Strategy or Evaluation meeting in order to share information and decide how to proceed
  7. If police investigation, LADO process waits for its conclusion
  8. If no police investigation, LADO may request an internal safeguarding investigation into the concerns. This will then be and reported (such as a Safeguarding Management Review)
  9. Disciplinary action waits for the conclusion of LADO process
  10. The outcome of allegation decision (substantiated, unsubstantiated, false, unfounded, malicious) by employer and LADO
  11. Review ASV and case closure
  12. If substantiated and staff/ volunteer is dismissed (or would have been dismissed if they had remained in the post), ensure the employer notifies DBS
  13. Regulatory body notification, as appropriate
  14. Systemic/ institutional learning

Download our full LADO Local Operating Procedures (Word)