Tell us about changes in your circumstances

Benefits and money advice

Tell us about a move or change in circumstances, so you can pay the right amount of council tax.

You must tell us about any changes in circumstance to you or people living with you so you pay the right amount of council tax and get the right benefit.

Even small changes can affect how much benefit you can get.

You may be prosecuted if you deliberately give us false information or don’t tell us of a change in your circumstances to get more benefit than you are entitled to.

You must not rely on someone else like:

  • your landlord
  • the Job Centre
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • your friend
  • other people living with you

You must tell us yourself.

The following are some of the changes you must tell us about.

Use the online change of circumstances form if:

  • there is a change in your income or benefits, or in the income or benefits of anyone living with you
  • anyone moves in or out of your home
  • anyone comes to stay with you (even for a short time)
  • your hours change, or you change jobs
  • you start or stop working
  • your capital or savings increase above £6,000
  • you or anyone living with you will be away from home for more than 4 weeks
  • you go into or come out of hospital
  • you're moving out of Waltham Forest

Use the full benefit claim form if you move:

  • into Waltham Forest from another borough

Use the online change in circumstances form if you're moving:

  • in the borough and want to claim at your new address

These are only examples of some of the changes you need to tell us about.  If you aren’t sure if a change might affect your benefit, then tell us on the form anyway or contact us for more information.

We may ask you to provide evidence to support your claim.

Benefit on two homes

You can ask us to pay your Housing Benefit on two addresses at the same time for up to four weeks. We can pay you this ‘overlapping benefit’ if you’ve moved into your new home and we accept that you couldn’t have reasonably avoided paying two rents at the same time.

How to tell us Click to get info

You can tell us about the change by:

  • using the online change of circumstance form

  • calling us on 020 8496 3000 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

  • visiting a Library Plus branch with free internet access to complete an online form and drop off evidence:

    • North Chingford Library, The Green, Chingford, E4 7EN

    • Walthamstow Library, High Street, Walthamstow, E17 7JN

    • Leyton Library, High Road Leyton, E10 5QH

You can only drop off evidence and report a change at the libraries Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, regardless of the library's opening hours.

If you don't have a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch to use our self-service to log your request/report.  Someone will be there to help you if you need it.​​​​​​​

Please make a note of the 10-character form reference in case you need to ask us something. You can also use this reference to go back to a partially completed form.

Once you have answered the questions on all of the pages, click ‘Show Errors’ to confirm that the form is complete. Any pages with errors or omissions will be shown. Click on the page number to go to that page where the issue will be highlighted.

You can attach any evidence required by clicking ‘Upload & Attach File’.

If you get stuck, and cannot submit the form, please use the ‘Contact Us’ option to send us a message. If you send us the form reference we will be able to help you more quickly.

Once any errors have been resolved you can securely submit the form by clicking ‘Submit’.

When we have received your form, you will see a confirmation message on your screen. We will send you an email to confirm receipt of your application.

Contact Click to get info

Revenues and Benefits Service
London Borough of Waltham Forest 
PO Box 856 
E17 9PN
Phone: 020 8496 3000