Last updated: 24 August 2023

Next review: 24 August 2024

If we pay the benefit to your tenant

We can only give you information about your tenant’s Housing Benefit if they give us permission. They can do this in their Housing Benefit claim or they can write to us.

If they give us permission, we can tell you:

  • whether we have made a decision on a claim, or  
  • when and how much a payment will be

We cannot give you confidential information about their personal circumstances.

If we pay the benefit to you

We will send a decision notice when we start or stop paying you directly.

We are able to tell you:

  • the date benefit started / ended
  • the weekly amount of benefit
  • how often we pay
  • how much is being deducted from payments to repay an overpayment
  • details of any payments made directly to you

The information that is available to landlords can be obtained on-line by registering for our Benefits Connect self service.

If we pay the benefit to your agent

  • We expect to deal with your agent, not both of you
  • You must ask your agent for any information you need
  • We will give your agent the same information that we would give you if we paid you directly