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Register to access your benefits online

View benefits account information using the Benefits Connect online service.

Last updated: 11 November 2021

Benefits Connect self-service is an online service for tenants, landlords and owner-occupiers.

It contains two services: 'Housing Benefits' and 'Landlords'.

The Housing Benefits service allows tenants and owner-occupiers to:

  • check details of your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claims
  • see how much benefit or support you're getting
  • check details of payments we've made
  • check when your next payment is due
  • find out what information we used to calculate your benefits
  • check details of any overpayments
  • view the decision letters we've sent

The Landlord service allows you to:

  • check the status of your tenants’ claims (only for claims where the tenant has agreed to this and you're being paid their benefit directly)
  • look up details of the payments we’ve made and any overpayments we’re claiming back

You can now sign up for eNotifications. This means we'll send you an email when we make a decision on your claim. You can sign up once you've logged in, or if you're a new user, once you've registered. 

Step 1: Register

If you've already registered

If you’ve already registered, you don’t have to register again. Just log in as usual, add a service, then request a PIN for your benefit claim (see below).

The same applies if you have more than one account, claim, or creditor reference number.

How to register

You'll need to:

  • give us your name and email address to register (other personal details are optional)
  • create a username (minimum 6 characters)
  • create a password (minimum 8 characters)
  • add a security question and answer

Keep a secure record of your username and password, as you'll need them to log in.

Keep a secure record of your security question and answer, as you’ll need these if you want to reset your password.

If you think someone else may know these details, tell us straight away.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you an email to confirm your registered email address. You must click on the link in the email to complete your registration.

Step 2: Choose a service

Before you can access your details online, you’ll need to choose the type of benefits services you want to access.

You can choose from 'Housing Benefits' (for tenants and owner occupiers), or 'Landlord' (for landlords).

On the "My services" page:

  1. Select 'Add service'
  2. Choose the services you want
  3. Click 'Confirm'

Step 3: Request a secure PIN

To safeguard your details, you’ll need a secure PIN for each claim or creditor account that you want to access.

A PIN is only created after your claim has been assessed and a decision about your entitlement has been made.

Please don’t request a PIN before you’ve received our decision on your application.

You’ll need the reference number from the letters we send you:

  • for Housing Benefit: your claim number starts with '10'
  • for Landlords: your creditor number starts with '9' or '2'

To request a pin:

  1. Enter your reference number
  2. Select 'Send PIN'

We’ll usually send the PIN to your registered email address within one working day, or by post.

Step 4: Activate your PIN to access your details

When you receive your PIN:

  1. Login using your username and password
  2. Go to the ‘My Services’ page
  3. Enter your PIN  
  4. Select 'Add account'.

You now have access to your details online.


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