Mission Waltham Forest resets our support to residents

Image of two residents at Walthamstow Market
Published: 6 March 2024
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Mission Waltham Forest is made up of six ‘borough missions’, aiming to tackle the issues and challenges that residents are currently facing between now and 2030.  

Although we have made great strides to make Waltham Forest a great place to live, work and visit - we know this has not been felt equally across the borough for all residents. And that needs to change.  

Mission Waltham Forest will:  

  1. Ensure every family and every child are given every opportunity 

  2. Build an economy that works for everyone 

  3. Make Waltham Forest a great place to live and age well 

  4. Tackle the housing crisis head on 

  5. Lead the way for a net-zero borough 

  6. Create safe, green neighbourhoods where everyone can thrive 

Cllr Grace Williams, leader of the council, said ‘’Mission Waltham Forest sets out how we are going to improve your experience as a resident of Waltham Forest.  The progress we make in Waltham Forest should be enjoyed equally and be inclusive to every single person who lives here.   

Although we, like many other Councils across the country, are struggling financially, we want you to know that we are prioritising front line services.  

When you ask for help, we’re going to make sure you can get it where and when you need it. 

Mission Waltham Forest is our bold new plan to tackle the housing crisis, reduce fear of crime and provide the outstanding experience you deserve. We want you to hold us accountable to our mission and get involved wherever you can.'

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